Cody LaPlante Shreds Ghost Town in ‘Storm Warning’

Join the skiing prodigy as he shreds the Bodie State Historic Park ghost town during a record-breaking snow season.


Unless you’ve been living deep beneath a hot, snowless rock this winter, you’ve likely either heard or experienced what has been a record-breaking year for snowfall in the United Sates. Mountains that rarely get away with 100 percent natural snow have been inundated with more pow than they can shake a stick at. Rumors of mountains keeping their lifts running into the summer months have already spread like rapid-fire and, at this point, may very well be true.

With record-breaking snowfall comes boundless opportunity if you have a touch of creativity, a ton o’ talent and, admittedly, a snowmobile.

Cody LaPlante, Bodie, Snowmobile In

Cody LaPlante, Bodie, Historic Snowfall

This March, 15-year-old superstar skier Cody LaPlante took advantage of the weather patterns bringing roughly 17 feet of pow to his home mountains on the West Coast. Originally from Truckee, California, the opportunity to explore off-the-beaten-path settings has been one of LaPlante’s top priorities this season.

Cody LaPlante, Backflip Over Bodie

Cody LaPlante, A Ride Through Bodie

Cody LaPlante, Golden Hour at Bodie

So, after doing a bit of storm tracking and research, LaPlante saw golden potential in the snow-covered ghost town in Bodie, a California state historic park. With the help of the state parks team and safety crew, LaPlante embarked on a 13-mile trek via snowmobile into the abandoned town once booming with mining industry galore.

Their goal? Build something of a dream ski-park within the eerie buildings that stand untouched in Bodie.

Bodie is home to one of the best-preserved ghost towns in America, dating back to roughly 1859. As State Parks Peace Officer (Ranger) Joshua Heitzmann explains, “Bodie is frozen in a state of arrested decay,” looked after as a historic park but not restored to its original condition.

In short, this makes for one damn authentic and mysterious ghost town experience. Original fixtures and furniture stand unmoved in the buildings left untouched abandoned by their former occupants. Creepy? Sure. Shreddable? Damn straight!

“Since I’ve been working at Bodie, this is the most snow I’ve ever seen here,” says Heitzmann. “For Cody to be able to come out here and do this is very, very unique.”

Cody LaPlante, Taking a Stroll Through Bodie

For LaPlante, this project was a perfect opportunity to push himself in an urban setting. “Doing interesting and urban skiing projects like this really helps progress the sport and I want to be a part of that.”

If you haven’t already, press play in the player above, and experience a true American ghost town with a skiing twist. Enjoy!

If you feel so inclined, jump over here to donate to the Bodie Foundation and help preserve it’s past.

It was great to have had a chance to Film and Drone for this once in a life time Cody Laplante clip in Bodie, CA.

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